Liesl spent the last seven years of her journalism career at the helm of earthworks, SA’s only publication dedicated to sustainability in the built environment. After witnessing and contributing to the shift towards responsible practices and procedures in the construction industry, she now applies tested project management skills, endless optimism and an extensive professional network as a sustainability practitioner dedicated to sustainability in the film industry.


Over the last twenty years Grace has grown as a sustainability practitioner; starting in local government and later moving over to the corporate world as a consultant. She has been running her own business since 2007, providing support, training, project management and business development around resource management and cleaner production. She has been a key driving force in promoting sustainability within the events industry, and the establishment of the Event Greening Forum. Since 2007, Grace runs a Steadfast Greening, a sustainability consultancy that specialises in urban sustainability and regeneration.


Sumaya Mahomed is a trusted Project Manager with over 11 years experience within the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy field Policy and business development through strategically driving energy efficiency and renewable energy training within Southern African Cities. She developed an Internal Resource Management Protocol to ensure that all City of Cape Town (South Africa) departments are resource efficient which achieved 12.8% reduction of energy against 10% reduction target by 2012 within City operations.


Morwesi is an impact entrepreneur with 6 years’ experience in the green economy focussing on renewable energy and sustainability. She has experience in developing solar energy projects, carbon footprint reporting, eco-audits, and carbon off-setting through trading Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). She has developed and implemented commercial and rural solar energy projects, installed solar street lights in many dark communities and informal settlements, and innovated solar based solutions for child headed homes.